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Reach Truck
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Structural Advantages of the Reach Truck

1. Although with compact structure design, the reach truck supports heavy duty operations.
2. Lower center of gravity ensures stability.
3. Wide view masts provide operators with clear visibility.
4. Masts are detachable from the truck frame, and comes with good interchangeability.
5. Low step height and sensitive dead-man's pedal ensure comfortable and safe operation.
6. Narrower overhead guard towards front ensures less possibility to get “hooked” into something.
7. Supporting 360 degree steering, the electric reach truck offers smallest turning radius of 1,800mm.
8. Adjustable steering wheel and arm support largely improve the comfortableness of operators.
9. Drive wheel and balanced wheel are combined together to ensure stability.

Technical Parameters of the Electric Reach Truck

Model   CQD10M CQD15M
Power type   electric electric
Operator position   standing standing
Rated capacity kg 1000 1500
Lifting height mm 3000/5000/6200
Load centre mm 500 500
Wheelbase mm 1480 1480
Service weight kg 2200/2600/2700 2400/2800/2900
Tyres type   polyurethane
Height, mast lowered mm 2086/2240/2640
Height, mast extended mm 3800/5800/7000
Height of overhead guard (cabin) mm 2114 2114
Seat height mm 920 920
Overall length mm 2390 2390
Overall width mm 1100 1100
Fork dimensions mm 36/100/1070 40/100/1070
Aisle width for 1000×1200mm pallets (pallets are placed across the fork) mm 2800 2800
Aisle width for 800×1200mm pallets (pallets are placed along the fork) mm 2850 2850
Turning radius mm 1740 1740
Travel speed, laden/unladen Km/h 7/7.2 7/7.2
Lifting speed, laden/unladen m/s 0.19/0.2 0.19/0.2
Service brake   mechanical mechanical
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 48/400 48/400
Battery weight kg 550 550