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Why buy a Chinese forklift?
Most china made forklifts belong to economic segment. They are cheap but not inferior. They are competent to do a decent job which has already been tested in Chinese market for the past decades. Compared with their Japanese and US competitors, the Chinese forklift now is well recognized as good and affordable for most users.
Moreover, many Chinese brands adopt western country technology and  use imported critical components ,like engine, steering gear ,pump, motor, our forklifts are definitely manufacturer of this kind .
Why buy a WS forklift?
WS forklift originated in Canada, have more than 15 years’ history, we  always focus on producing high quality trucks with strict inspection and  testing. Meanwhile, we have a professional team with more than 40 technicians whom skilled in maintenance and repairing, we also have a parts factory supporting in-time and comprehensive supplying of the parts. We promise supplying 24hrs after-sale service and get back to you in  first time should you propose any claim.Thus, We are not doubt competent to be your reliable supplier of forklift trucks in China.

What is the HS code of the items you offer?
The HS code for engine powered forklift (diesel forklift, gasoline and LPG forklift) is 8427209000. The HS code for electric forklift is 8427109000.
Normally how long for delivery, for urgent orders, do you have special  policies?
The delivery normally is made within 25-30days after down payment. Forurgent orders, we can have rush-order procedure,by which we can make delivery within 10 days.  Sometimes there will be some extra charge for this kind of rush-order.
If I am an end user, and want to buy just one for personal use, is it possible?
Yes, it’s possible. Only if in some special locations where we have exclusive distributors, you should turn to the distributor instead of buying directly from us. 
I know nothing about a forklift, except I need one! Where do I start?
The first point of consideration is: what do you want the forklift to do? What is the heaviest weight you will be lifting? How high do you want   to lift? Where will the forklift be used? (What type of surface will it run on?) How much time will you use it every day? What type of fuel do  you want? (gasoline, L.P. gas, diesel, or electric battery powered.) What is your budget and how much do you want to spend? These are the   questions that need to be answered when you are considering buying a forklift. Contact us and let us help you with your needs!

Warranty policy
Wanshing Machinery Ltd. Hereinafter referred to as WS, warrants our equipment under normal operation conditions, to be free from any defective material and workmanship under proper use and service for the first one thousand two hundred(2000) hours of use, or twelve(12) months of operation from the date of delivery of the new equipment,whichever occurs first.
During this warranty period, an authorized WS dealer or representative will repair, or at WS’s option, replace free of charge, any item which in its sole opinion is determined to be defective. This warranty does not cover wear or maintenance items, including but not limited to tyres,lubricating grease and oils, light bulbs, filters, fan belts, motor brushes,brake shoes, ignition parts and minor adjustments, nor any items which show evidence of neglect, overloading, abuse, accident, inadequate maintenance, or unauthorized alteration(s).
It is the users responsibility to maintain the truck in accordance with WS’s recommended schedule of maintenance, starting upon receipt of the truck or the warranty could be declared void. The warranty shall be void if repairs or alterations to a WS industrial truck are made by any person or firm not authorized by WS so as, in WS’s opinion, to affect adversely in any way the stability or reliability of the truck.
Warranty claim

(1) All requests for warranty must be in writing.
(2) The claim parts list required must be clearly stated at a time.
(3) Photo requirements: all claiming parts will have to offer clear photos before and after esp. photos must clearly show details of the affected area.
(4) Claims must be received within 30 days of the repair date. Claims received by WS after 30 days of the repair date will be considered to be late and will be no exceptions to this policy.
(5) Claims returned for resubmitting must be corrected and returned within 30 days of the date of return. Claims not received within 30 days will be declined.
(6) Claims can only be submitted two (2) times. If after the second time, the claim is not correct in providing the information as requested, it will be declined and no further consideration will be given.